About CockatielHug

CockatielHug is the place where you can get the information, Nappy suits (Diaper suits / Flight suits) and handy accessaries for Cockatiels.

Read the article: Where has my nappy suit design started.

Ako Lamble

  • the maker
  • the owner of shop

Born in Japan, live in Sydney since 1994.

Charlie and Stanley, the cockatiel

  • the motivator to Ako to make nappy suits
  • the model

Charlie: Born in September 2013.
Stanley: Born in August 2014.


CockatielHug is the shop on the net, there is no actual shop to buy from. The products are made and shipped out from Sydney Australia.

Postal address

POBox 603
Spit Junction
NSW 2088

Contact Ako

  • Phone: +61 (0)410 565 133
  • Email: ako[at]cockatielhug.com.au
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