Q: How do you make one with the right size for my bird?
A: Please let me know your cockatiel’s weight. I’ll make it according to it.

Q: How long will it take for you to make one?
A: If there is no other orders it will take a day to make and get ready to ship out. I will let you know approx time by email .

Q: What if my bird gains/loses weight after purchase the nappy suit?
A: The elastic is used for shoulders so it can be adjustable +5g / -5g.

Q: Do I have to wash it every time when my bird pooed?
A: No. A liner (1/2 cotton pad / a small piece of kitchen paper towel will do) is placed inside the nappy suite so just replace a liner. No need to wash it for a long time.

Q: How often do I need to change the liner?
A: Depends on how much your bird eats (which means how much comes out), in general, every 3-4hours.

Q: How do I wash the nappy suit?
A: To be honest I don’t wash often because it won’t get dirty (believe or not!). When I clean it I only rub the dirty area (where the liner is placed) with the soft tooth brush with just water or a small amount of mild soapy water, I don’t even soak it in a water, then it will dry within half an hour.

Q: How do I put it on my bird?
A: I’ve kept adding the useful article to my blog.
Read Nappy suit articles.
Watch the demo video.

Q: My bird is not Cockatiel but it’s a small bird like a cockatiel, can it fit my bird?
A: I’ve only tried it on Cockatiel (mine and my friend’s), so I cannot guarantee it fits your bird, however, I think the elastic and velcro can make some adjustment to fit your bird.

Q: My bird has never tried a nappy suite before and I’m not sure if my bird will be able to tolerate it and I don’t want to waste my money. Is there any cheaper version?
A: There are training version which are Small(60~76g), Medium(77~100g), Large(101~128g) size with plain colour (white or something) and it will be US$15 + shipping fee. Please ask me if you are interested in it.

Q: Are you going to sell a pattern as well?
A: Yes, I am working on it.

Using Nappy Suits

Q: My bird doesn’t poo while wearing it, he does right after taking it off. is it normal?
A: Yes. This is the normal behaviour when your bird just started wearing the nappy suit. Once he feels ok with Nappy suit he will make a big poo for 3-4 hours, then once he got used to it he will make a small poo whenever he/she feels like it.

Q: My bird keeps biting the suit while wearing it, how can I stop him doing that?
A: It’s another normal behaviour, your bird bite a bead on the back, stainless steel snap ring or even the edge of the nappy suit. The best thing is distract him by taking him outside (backyard, balcony …) so that he can associate “Wearing the nappy suit = Enjoying sun shine”. If your bird has a favourite treat then, save it until he wears his nappy suit and give him as a reward.