SOLUTION: “My bird doesn’t poop in the Nappy Suit!”

Poo on the keyboard

Charlie pooped “pointing with an index finger” shape one,
right after taking Nappy suit off.

Not poop in the Nappy suit is a normal behaviour for the early stages, but birds are much smarter than we think they will learn the new routines quickly, the important thing is to MAKE “wearing NS” as your bird’s routine.

This is the steps my bird Charlie’d taken;
Step1: Charlie didn’t poop in Nappy Suit until take it off.
Step2: He started pooping in Nappy Suit which was a big one (the size of a soy bean, pooped just once for 3 hours ).
Step3: He started pooping in Nappy Suit whenever he feels like it which means I found a few small poops in it.

Charlie’s daily schedule:

7am: UP

9am: Nappy Suit ON (3 hours)

12pm: Nappy Suit OFF (1 hour break)

1pm: Nappy Suit ON (3 hours)

4pm: Nappy Suit OFF


Total: 6hours Nappy Suit ON, 6hours OFF, 12hours SLEEP .

This kind of routine helped Charlie better to get used to pooping in Nappy Suit.

Of course, Charlie changes his routine according to my schedule from time to time. Sometimes he has to wear his Nappy suit right after the first 3hour-NS-on without a break. I always carry a few Nappy suits with me so that I can put on the fresh Nappy suit without changing the dirty liner.

Recently I found that Charlie seldom pooped in NS again and started nibbling his Nappy Suit often with making a lot of chirping noises. I realised he’d actually grown and his body’s got bigger though his weight didn’t change, of course, he lost many feathers (molting) recently. Since I made his Nappy Suits bigger, he poops in it as often as he likes and stopped nibbling it. The right size Nappy Suit is also the key point.

I like using a small piece of kitchen paper towel or toilet paper instead of a cotton pad these days, the thin liner will give more space between bird’s bottom and Nappy Suit, I think it might make it easier to Charlie to poop in Nappy suit.

Charlie has been healthy and keeps his good spirit till this day, so I don’t think you need to worry too much about it when your bird doesn’t poop for a long time, when they need to do it they’ll do it.