[VIDEO]: See the big differences – Right size vs Wrong size

Before I got my bird, Charlie, I’d researched about the flight suits / diaper suits a lot. Browsing youtube videos was important part. I would like to introduce two videos, one shows the bad example and the other shows the good example. I’d learnt a lot from each video.

The Bad Example

I bet anybody watches this video will put off the flight suit. I think the tv program was just made for making fun of the suit.

  • Wrong size: Too big! The bird’s leg was caught in the suit.
  • The cotton linger is too large which make the bird uncomfortable.
  • Too soon to give up: you need more patience to let your bird get used to it.

The Good Example

I found a quite few video like this from Japanese sites. I have to admit that the Japanese products in general are better quality and better design. Look at the bird singing happily in the nappy suit (the following video). I believe all the birds can be happy like that if you get the right size of the suit and right methods to put it on. Don’t you agree?