STORY: How did my Nappy Suit design come up with?

The Nappy Suit: Progress

Left: The one I bought through eBay. / Right: My own design.

When I got Charlie (7wks old at that time) in mid October 2013, Charlie’s weight was just around 65g. The suit I bought through eBay was too big though it was small size. I had to trim and mend it before putting it on, but it didn’t really work as I expected.

One of the reasons why it didn’t work was I was not sure what I was doing, I felt so bad when Charlie looked so stressed by the whole procedure. I couldn’t sleep well those days.

Another reason was the size and design. As you see the image above, both are different design. When I found the Japanese site where I could download the pattern for free, I liked the design which made me easily to put it on Charlie compare with the other design.

Then again, Charlie’d grown and I needed to make a few bigger nappy suits but I was struggling it was not easy to sew small items anyway, particularly sewing a hem can be a nightmare. Soon I came up with the great idea of using the iron-on mender which I don’t need to sew a hem! Hurray!!!! Using the elastic is another good idea it made the nappy suit more flexible to his growth.

I believe I will keep improving my design to make my bird happy, I’ve learnt hard way of letting Charlie get used to the nappy suit.  I would like to help those who are interested in NS for their bird by sharing my experiences and tips with them so that their bird can enjoy outing with them safely.